Works: Textile Designs

  • 2E4R1291

    Bouquet (D61)

  • 2E4R1295

    Bouquet (D43)

    Acrylic on Paper

  • 2E4R1306

    He Ngatuta

    Acrylic on Paper

  • 2E4R1317 edit

    Rushcutters Bay

    Printed Fabric

  • 2E4R1302

    Kowhai (D22)

    Acrylic on Paper

  • 2E4R1303

    Karaka Berries

    Acrylic on Paper

  • Waratah

    Warratah (D69)

    Acrylic on Paper

  • 2E4R1321

    Starfish Black Swan Bag using Duckpond Design (D36)

    Black Swan Handbag by Laurie Foon for Starfish label

  • SCAN0068 edit

    Untitled (Red Floral)

    Printed Fabric

  • SCAN0067 edit

    Untitled (Blue Abstract)

    Printed Fabric

  • 2004.23.104 waterskier printed fabric

    Untitled Beach Theme (Waterskier)

    Orange design on screen printed fabric.

  • 2E4R1300

    Kowhai (D19)

    Acrylic on Paper

  • 2004.23.41

    Untitled (Mermaid)

    Screenprinted fabric, STP

  • 2004.23.1D81

    Bondi D81

    Acrylic on paper

  • 2004.23.231 1

    Bouquet D42

    Acrylic on paper.The design features bright pink flowers and green grass on a white background

  • 2004.23.138 Heart of the bus D14h

    Heart of the Bush

    Acrylic on paper

  • 2E4R1293

    Flax D13

    Acrylic on paper

  • When the lights come on cropped and rotated

    When the lights go on again

    Printed fabric

  • 2004.23.3 Whacko


    Gouche on paper